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Check out the pictures of the MAX final event in Brussels!

Meet the winners of the MAX Diversity Film Festival: Megan Hwee Wen Tan and Clara Sophie Wahlig, directors of “Sanako”.

Meet the winners of the MAX Diversity Film Festival: Safia Kessas, director of “Henriette’s way”.

Meet the winners of the MAX Diversity Film Festival: Leidi Turatti, director of “Brazilians around the world”.

Meet the winners of the MAX Diversity Film Festival: Christin Schuchardt, director of “Barcelona a welcoming city”.

MAX Diversity Film Festival REUNION

November 2021: Celebrating the MAX project journey

Programme of the MAX Final Event (25/26 of November)

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“How sports facilitate the integration of migrants?”: the Greek Stories from MAX People Facebook Live

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The importance of changing the narrative for the integration of young migrants: the next Stories from Live people Facebook Live is next Tuesday!

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How a German project uses shared interests to bring refugees and locals together

‘More Europe’ needed to improve migrant integration

The day has come: MAX Diversity Film Festival (MAXDFF) is officially launched!

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DAY 2 of the Italian Diversity Dialogue Fora

Next Italian DDF: HOW TO CHANGE – Migrant work between emergency, changes and rights

Next MAX Facebook Live: Migrant Families during the Pandemic

Policy Roundtable: Europe’s Untapped Potential

Discovering Solution Journalism: MAX Facebook Live April 2021

Discovering Solutions Journalism: the next MAX Facebook Live

A story about seasonal workers, exploitation and vulnerability

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Italian DDF: Education and integration: creating a more inclusive society in Italy

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STORIES FROM MAX PEOPLE: resilient and inclusive education in times of COVID-19

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‘There’s No Work to Be Found in Romania’

International Migrants Day 2020: Join MAX live event

Introducing ‘Changing the narrative’: A new series and approach to migration reporting

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Learn more about the European Commission’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum

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A dream called Baby Café: an interview with Rachida Bouganzir


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MAX meeting in Brussels

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