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The 15 local DDFs will be a common platform for third-countries nationals, local residents, public administration, organisations involved in migrant integration, local newspapers, and magazines, and other stakeholders, to work on overcoming stereotypes and misconceptions and to analyse and comment the evidence based findings on the positive contribution of migrants to the EU society of the project.

In order to maximise the project resources and to have a greater impact at local level, those partners working on the ground, with access to the local community, and supported by the whole consortium, will organise a series of DDF aimed at raising awareness at local level of the positive contribution which migration has already brought to their communities. Each event will be tailored depending on the local particularities and resources. Nonetheless, the general frameworks for those local events is already delimited in this proposal. They will also build links with local journalists (feeding into WP3).

They will focus on establishing a dialogue between parties, and where such dialogue exists already, give it a wider span, visibility and cross-border outreach. People will be invited to get to learn about other experiences in other parts of the country or in other parts of the European Union. They will be invited to get to know each other, get engaged in common activities (such as with Singa’s model where people from different backgrounds share a common passion with newcomers). The events will connect people, public administrations, policy makers, journalists who will share ideas, opinions, knowledge, and create synergies and mutual understanding - with a view to action, and tangible outcomes, including in the policies and practical solutions developed. Understanding each other, networking, working together, breaking stereotypes, valuing the others’ achievements and living together in mutual respect and peace will be parts of those organic principles of this initiative.

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