MAX is an AMIF funded project which aim is to change public attitudes towards migrants.

The goal is to improve the public image of migrants in Europe by changing the narrative around the immigration discourse and putting on the front the stories of real people.

Storytelling, creation of positive messages for the media and dialogic encounters between locals and newcomers are the key figures of the project.

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Kasàlà du Danseur de Feu, by Jonathan Nguyen

From our Success Stories Map, Kasala du Danseur de Feu poem by Jonathan Nguyen

“Kasala is a tribute to all those people who had to leave everything behind with the hope of a better life and, beyond that, it is a celebration of life” – tells the author, Jonathan Nguyen

The writing of the poem was inspired while the author was part of the SINGA Belgium; a professional community creating bridges for the locals and newcomers in Belgium, where he felt the need of telling his story of the refugee.

Listen to this brilliant piece in the video.