Next Door Family

The creators of the idea are foreigners who have lived in the Czech Republic for several years and know how difficult it is without knowing a language, with no support and no person to ask for an advice. Idea that food connects people, and helps to make friends, to meet people of similar thinking, and stay in touch resulted in the form of facilitated common lunches once per year came into place, where one family hosts another one.

Registered families are paired based on age, hobbies, interests, language and, of course, the city of residence, simply so that the members of both families have enough common topics to talk to. This makes the relationship more likely to continue successfully in the future. At each lunch there is a facilitator, who personally contacts both families and give them information about the other family and about the meeting, and helps them to break the ice during the initial stage. Over the years the project has been running, more than

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