Khaled’s story

Khaled originates from Afghanistan. He came to Greece as a refugee in 2002 when he was 17 years old. he faced many difficulties back then. However, he managed to become an interpreter and built his life from the beginning.

He is now working as an interpreter for the Greek Council for Refugees at the safe zone of Elaionas’ open accommodation site for migrants and refugees, where unaccompanied migrant children currently reside. At the same time, he goes to school, improving his Greek language skills and he is expecting along with his wife his first child. He has managed to build a strong and substantial relationship with the children that are fostered in the safe zone of Elaionas.

“When it comes to our relationship with the kids, we are not only interpreters, we are cultural mediators, we are like a family, we take care of each other,” he says.

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