Yafreisy Berenice Brown Omage, a role model for supermarkets and bakeries

Yafreisy Berenice Brown Omage, is originally from the Dominican Republic; she owns a supermarket that in 2016 had a turnover of about 1.4 million euros and employs about 15 persons.

Yafreisy is 25 years old and lives in Rome. She arrived in Italy 2012. With the help and experience of her husband, in 2013, she took over a supermarket with a bakery attached. In her journey she overcame various difficulties (bureaucracy, cultural prejudice, access to finance and others) and with determination she continued the growth of her business.

Public and private partnerships with the active role of SMEs and craft organizations, were essential to set up an appropriate business and to detect specific elements of social innovation and creative cultural dimension. The reputation of the business could play a positive effect on its clients, young competitors, and entire society.