The day has come: MAX Diversity Film Festival (MAXDFF) is officially launched!

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Migration is not a recent phenomenon. Humans have been on the move since the very beginning of our history. Nonetheless, it continues to be a very complex topic, shaped by a large number of personal decisions taken by the migrant but also many externalities such as political conflicts, persecution, wars, economic downturn or natural disasters. It is also a very sensitive topic, often used in an inaccurate or even populist way, as propaganda by the media or some political parties. 

In the MAX project, we believe that migration can offer many benefits for the socio-economic development of our societies and above all, that behind such a phenomenon there is an enormous number of different life stories and realities that deserve recognition and respect. To be on the move and find your way in a new country can also be a challenging journey. In order to find out how we can better make the most out of our diverse societies and live in a harmonious way, it is essential to listen to each other, to debate about migration, to share good practices and opportunities but also to discuss the challenges and pitfalls. 

To contribute our granite of sand, we are launching the MAX Diversity Film Festival. An online competition and awards ceremony open to any amateur or professional filmmaker that wants to participate, having the opportunity to have their films widely disseminated and reviewed by a panel of international judges with expertise in different domains such as culture and policy and raise awareness about migration realities, experiences, challenges and opportunities

If you are an amateur or professional filmmaker[1] interested in raising awareness about social and political matters in relation to the migration phenomenon or the beauty and contribution of diversity in Europe, this event is for you! 

  •       Check out the different categories and conditions to participate at get ready and start to submit your materials here from May 28 to August 20 HERE!

If you are an organisation or initiative supporting culture, diversity, social inclusion or multiculturalism in Europe, please support us by spreading the word about MAXDFF with your network!

Faced with the rise of xenophobic and anti-migrant discourses, we all play a very important role in informing and shaping perceptions. Therefore, we invite you to join us to counteract negative attitudes and behaviours towards migrants, creating awareness about the risks or situations of human rights violations and many other difficulties they face, as well as recognising the contribution that diversity has in our current societies and the active role that individuals and groups of different ethnic, cultural or racial minorities play in local development.

This initiative aims to promote culture and support to cinema in a time when the COVID19 crisis has heavily impacted the sector.

We believe this film festival is a unique opportunity to celebrate diversity in Europe, to present previews of films or a selection of movies little known to the public, and, through storytelling, to contribute to the creation of an evidence-based debate and narrative about migration. 

Watch the MAXDFF videos here! 


[1] In the context of the MAXDFF competition, we understand amateur filmmakers as being those for whom filmmaking is a hobby or part of their studies and who do not earn their main income from filmmaking. Filmmakers whose previous film productions have never won an award at another film festival can also compete in this category. On the other hand, we understand professional filmmakers as being those for whom filmmaking is the main part of their professional activities or whose previous film productions have been selected for inclusion in other film festivals. Submitters can participate in the category they consider they should participate in.