Next Italian DDF: HOW TO CHANGE – Migrant work between emergency, changes and rights

Following the last two Diversity Dialogue Fora in Greece and Estonia, the next MAX DDF will take place again in Italy.

“HOW TO CHANGE – Migrant work between emergency, changes and rights”, organised by Legacoopsociali takes place online on 20 and 21 May 2021, from 10.00 to 1.00 pm CET. The online event will discuss the working scenarios for immigrants in the light of what is happening and will happen (COVID and post COVID, Next Generation EU, etc.). There will be English, Italian, Spanish interpretation available.


We are witnessing important changes in our society: The covid-19 outbreak has demonstrated that the foundation of our way of life was built on clay and that there is the need to accelerate the process toward a more sustainable and inclusive society.

These transitions will inevitably reflect on the job market and the Italian Diversity Dialogue Fora could be an opportunity to reflect on how these changes could affect immigrant workers, especially the ones with weak permission of stay and low skills and to showcase some ideas and proposals to reduce the risk of exchanging personal rights for a contract.

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