SAVE THE DATE for the French online Diversity Dialogue Forum!

How to maximise the potential of a diverse society? Challenges and opportunities in France


We are happy to announce that the French DDF will take place online in March this year!

Organised by the Federation of Franco-Turkish Entrepreneurs (FEDIF) the event will be hosted in French, English, and Turkish and will be composed of two different online events:

3 March 2021 at 2 pm CET:

    • “Migrants contribution to the French labour market”. A panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities of migrant’s integration into the French labour market, the experiences of several local organisations that work for the successful integration of migrants in France, and the testimonies of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers who are now active entrepreneurs and works in France. Download the Agenda



24 March 2021 at 2 pm CET

    • “Inclusion in multi-diverse environments, the role of the education system”. On the second day of the French DDF, we aim at having a joint discussion with a large number of different speakers (School principals and teachers, public authorities, students and parents, local associations) on the methodologies applied in different French schools to ensure social cohesion in highly intercultural contexts, the challenges ahead and existing good practices. Download the Agenda in English and French.



Migration has historical importance for France. In the early 2000s, more than 25% of the population had some migrant background, from the first, second, or third generation.

The beneficial effects of migration on the French economy are also noticeable. Migrants represent more than 10% of the total workload and thus, account for 6% of France’s GDP. When it comes to cultural and social life, we can find numerous reference points in TV programmes and radio, artistic and athletic figures, or in the large variety of restaurants available now in the French scene.

Nonetheless, migration is a complex phenomenon, which can also be challenging for both the host society and the migrants themselves. The traditional idea of socioeconomic integration is a long-term process that requires big efforts from both sides.

In the MAX project we are convinced that ensuring the integration of newcomers is critical to support prosperous local development in Europe. Many migrants and refugees tend to settle in metropolitan areas to have better access to public services, employment opportunities and social networks, as well as to contribute with their skills and diversity to local development. However, public authorities dealing with reception and integration services still struggle with managing and communicating their actions for migrants and engaging with the wider public.

With our local DDF we aim at having a joint discussion to learn how migration can benefit the socio-economic development of our European societies in general and French cities in particular, which societal challenges can be tackled at local level thanks to grassroots initiatives supporting diversity and by hearing the experiences of migrants and refugees themselves to have a joint debate on how we all can cooperate to remove the still existing barriers towards a fully inclusive society making the most out of its diversity.

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