The MAX Diversity Dialogue Fora (DDF) are coming!

Adjusting our activities to the current global situation


Diverse ways of thinking can inspire creativity, drive innovation and bring new insights to address things from a different, perhaps more efficient, perspective.

Max partners believe that migration makes places more diverse. It certainly can create new challenges but also important opportunities. To make such opportunities a reality, diversity needs to be properly addressed and managed at the local level, encouraged not only by community-led initiates but actively supported by all the actors who live together in a society (public administration, private sector, schools, neighbours’ associations, etc.).

In MAX we are also convinced that ensuring the integration of newcomers is critical to support prosperous local development in Europe. Many migrants and refugees tend to settle in metropolitan areas to have better access to public services, employment opportunities and social networks, as well as to contribute with their skills and diversity to local development. However, public authorities dealing with reception and integration services still struggle with managing and communicating their actions for migrants and engaging with the wider public.

With our set of local DDF we aim at having a joint discussion to learn how migration can benefit the socio-economic development of our European societies, which societal challenges can be tackled at local level thanks to grassroots initiatives supporting diversity and to debate about how we all can cooperate to change the narrative and counteract misconceptions and wrong stereotypes.

While the MAX DDF events were conceived to take place around Europe, with a total of 15 local face-to-face events, the unpredictable pandemic crisis that is affecting worldwide has forced all of us into the digital world in a more constant way. Therefore, our firsts DDF events will take place online!

Stay tuned to read more about the different programs and speakers who will be joining the MAX partners from November 2020 and register to participate. Each event will tackle diversity issues from the point of view of a different country and they will be hosted in different EU languages.