Modality: online

Date: 17 June 2021

Language: English and Slovenian


The Slovenian DDF, “Creating a more Inclusive Society in Slovenia (challenges, opportunities and labour market in Slovenia”, organised by Socialna Ekonomija Slovenije, took place online on 17 June 2021 from 10:00 am to 1:40 pm CEST.

When presenting data on migration it is relevant to note the difference between the foreign-born population and foreign citizens. Why does this matter for Slovenia? Mainly because more than half of those who were born abroad are nowadays citizens of Slovenia. According to Eurostat, 250.226 people residing in Slovenia in 2018 were born abroad and had moved to Slovenia at some point of their life. This means that foreign-born individuals represented 12.1% of the total Slovene population in 2018. But slightly more than half of them (54 %) acquired Slovene citizenship by naturalisation or by origin, meaning that actual foreign citizens was reduced then to a 5,9% of total population that year.

Max partners believe that migration makes places more diverse. It certainly can create new challenges but also important opportunities. To make such opportunities a reality, diversity needs to be properly addressed and managed at the local level, encouraged not only by community-led initiates but actively supported by all the actors who live together in a society (public administration, private sector, schools, neighbours’ associations, etc.).

With our local DDF,  we aimed at having a joint discussion to learn how migration can benefit the socio-economic development of our European societies in general and Slovenian cities in particular, which societal challenges can be tackled at the local level thanks to different initiatives supporting diversity and by presenting the experience of migrants and refugees themselves from their positive perspective.

Download all of the DDF handouts, materials, and resources from the table below: 


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ASES and MAX presentation,

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