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Integration without violence. Counteracting discrimination against students from migration backgrounds.


15.05.2020, at 18.00-19.30
Duration: 90 min

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The Polish Migration Forum, partner of the MAX project, is organising another webinar in the framework of their Diversity Dialogue Fora activities! Indeed, they are organising virtual events now, and an in-person event will take place in the months to come.



This webinar is designed for teachers working in schools. Its purpose is to strengthen teachers’ competence in identifying symptoms and effects of peer violence, hate speech, discrimination at school, as well as the ability to respond effectively to it and prevent it by building positive relationships in the group. In the end, all those skills lead to a positive integration of children from migration backgrounds at their schools.

The webinar will be conducted by Marta Piegat-Kaczmarczyk – an experienced intercultural psychologist and therapist, who also works with children experiencing discrimination, mainly due to their origin.

The webinar will take place in Polish.



1) What is peer violence? Types of violence: physical, social, verbal and cyberbullying.

2) The effects of experiencing peer violence (physiological, cognitive, emotional and interpersonal)

3) How to support a child experiencing violence? 5 steps to deal with peer violence.

4) How to prevent peer violence by building positive relationships in the classroom? Approach focused on solutions in the school environment.

Participants of the webinar will receive a PDF presentation, materials for further work on building positive relationships in a peer group and supporting children who have experienced various forms of violence or discrimination.


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