Changing the Narrative around migrants: Solutions journalism training for journalists and media!

The goal of the MAX project is to expand the public image of migrants in Europe by changing the narrative around the immigration discourse and sharing the stories of real people.

As part of this, one objective of the project is to create and implement a Solutions Journalism training for journalists and media. Training sessions will be carried out throughout 2020 for journalists from different EU countries, at different stages of their career, and the training materials will be made available online after the end of the training period.

The training includes:

1. The basics: Discussion of the state of reporting on migration in Europe today, and basic best practice guidelines

2. An introduction to Solutions Journalism: What Solutions Journalism is, and what it can add to migration reporting

3. How to write a solutions-focused migration story: Finding your story and reporting it by using Solutions Journalism methods

4. How to maximize your work’s impact and engagement: Learning when and how to incorporate engaged journalism into solutions-focused stories

Our partner in charge of this output is The Local, the largest English-language news network in Europe. With independent, daily reporting from around Europe, The Local’s journalists cover the news in nine countries for an audience primarily made up of international residents in those countries.

The curriculum for the training has been developed by The Local’s journalists, based on methodology from the Solutions Journalism Network. Training will take place both online and in-person, with different versions of our curriculum tailored for journalists at different stages in their careers.

If you are a journalist already writing about migration or interested in doing so and would like to be considered for participation in the training, please let us know your details here or email if you have any questions.

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