Changing the Narrative around migrants: Solutions journalism training for journalists and media!

The goal of the MAX project is to improve the public image of migrants in Europe by changing the narrative around the immigration discourse and sharing the stories of real people.

To do so, one of the objectives of the project is to create and implement a Solutions Journalism training for journalists and media.

The training will be based on:


1. Researching, presenting and discussing:
• research findings regarding facts about migrants (from desk research); and public opinions about migrants (from desk research and local surveys)
• the journalists’ own experience and sources
• personal testimonies from individual migrants who have made significant achievements and
• contributions to Europe’s economy, society and culture
• the nature and causes of negative perceptions about migrants
• the intersection between integration and education, the labour market, culture and city planning
• national, city and local integration projects
• messages suitable for transmission


2. Piloting a new style of reporting migrants’ experiences, achievements and contributions, with journalists co-creating some news reporting. The Local’s nine national sites and one pan-European site will act as a live testing area for this content, allowing all participants to discuss the content’s metrics openly.


3. Columns published in the various newspapers and magazines around Europe taking part in the annual


4. Impact Day organised by Sparknews aiming for participation in June 2019.


Our partner in charge of this output is The Local, the largest English-language news network in Europe. With independent, daily reporting from around Europe, The Local is a window on life in other cultures.


At this moment, The Local has already developed the Solutions Journalism Curriculum for its training. The next steps for the implementation of the training will be the recruitment and selection of journalists: stage 1 is for seasoned/senior journalists online (approx. 15) and stage 2 is students and juniors (approx. 35) face to face in selected locations. The Local will be reaching out to their network and have already started discussions with institutions and journalists. The candidates will be evaluated case by case basis. The call-out will be via email and social media, while registration via online data capture form. In February 2019, The Local will invite senior journalists to the online course; and then start with invites for juniors students.


Between March and May, there will be the delivery of the online training for seniors, while the face to face workshops for the junior students will take place in Autumn 2020. Follow up surveys will be distributed to all the participants of the training.


Moreover, The Local will hold a workshop in Perugia, during the Journalism Festival, to run a test for the face to face workshops.


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