MAX partners will meet in Rome!

In the framework of the Work package 2 research activities, the MAX partners will meet in Rome at the end of the month, from the 25th to the 27th of September! They will have a three days’ workshop where they will have the opportunity to share the results of their research activities and to discuss. Legacoop, one of our Italian partners, will host the meeting in their offices!


The research had the purpose to collect and analyse information on the impact of migrant populations in the European Union and opinions, fears and prejudices regarding migrants. The activity aims to produce and deliver messages which will refute stereotypes and change minds not by expert, scientific or political discourse or statistics alone, but by focusing on showing on the experiences, achievements and contribution of real-life migrants. The biggest impact on public opinion will be created by telling real-life stories, which engage empathy and demonstrate that reality is different from what is often told.